Stay Conscious – Synchronicity Abounds


Let us speak of the Divine that lives and breathes in each of you, as you.  Your physical body is like an empty shell until it is animated with the breath of the Divine/God/Source/Creator.

It is a fundamental truth that your body cannot do anything without that Divine light energy within it, filling it and giving it the energy, the inner guidance and wisdom to do all that it does.  If you thought about all the little nuances of the body and how much is required to take place in divine timing and divine order, it would absolutely be beyond the mind to comprehend.

It is an amazing feat of the Divine within you because no human mind could conceive of what it takes to make your amazing body work together the way it does.  This same energy is all around you, operating in everything.  Just the way the sap flows in trees, the photosynthesis process between the sun and the leaves of the trees, the birds and bees, we could go on and on.  But that is not necessary because you get the drift of what we are saying.

There is a plan behind all of that so realization of that can give you the faith to know there is, indeed, a Divine Presence or whatever you want to call it.  You could call it just pure energy.  It is all the same, the great hand of the Divine working it all together into a beautiful symphony.

Sometimes this symphony gets out of tune because of discordant notes that happen within the symphony of life.  This does not interfere with the Divine orchestrater behind all of it, despite the fact that it makes the symphony play in a more discordant way.  The Divine conductor is still there, conducting it all behind the scenes.

So the key is to focus on the conductor rather than the discordant notes.  The more you focus on the discordant notes, the more of that you attract into your energy field.  How could it be otherwise?  By focusing on them, you begin to vibrate on that frequency, depending on how long you choose to focus in that direction.

Then it becomes cumulative, and you think you have a terrible life.  But the beautiful life, the symphony, is still going on under it all.  You can just as quickly jump out of focusing on the discordant notes as you started to fall into them, doing it a moment at a time.  Pay attention to where you allow your thoughts to drift and how long you allow them to stay there.

You are consciousness and that consciousness is all-knowing under it all.  However the more you focus on the discordant notes, the more you take your attention away from that consciousness, and holes are burned into it. It’s like chunks of it are removed.  Not that it happens permanently; it is still there, under it all.  It’s just that your awareness is not fully aware of it.  All you see are the discordant places in your consciousness, which are destroying your peace of mind.

Your well-being depends on how much time you spend dwelling on all that seems not to be working in your life.  That is one of the major keys to pay attention to.  Really be aware of how you are living your life, and decide to make a change.  You will need help to do this.  It is not something you can readily do alone because it has sneaked up on you a little at a time and become part of your mind structure.  It infiltrates everything you do, and thus your life is showing up the way it is.

If it’s negative, you have allowed that into your consciousness.   If it is positive, it is what you have allowed your mind to dwell on.  It is your choice as to where you allow your mind to drift, and then stay for any length of time.

The longer you allow it to dwell there, it takes a firm hold of your consciousness, and that becomes what your life vibrates to.

The law of attraction truly is at work.  You attract what you vibrate to.  There is much out there that is truly beautiful, of a very high frequency, of a vibration that will insure your well-being.  There is also the opposite, which will have the opposite effect in your life.  Life will seem like you are slugging through mud, and things don’t seem to be working, and you find difficulties all around you.  To the degree that you have focused in that direction is the degree it is showing up in your life.

So onto how you fix this seeming ‘bad’ thing that has happened to you. Think of it this way:  These things that seem negative are actually positive, because you are now awake to the fact that something has happened to attract all this.  You are not bad or good; it is just what you are experiencing, due to where you let your attention drift.

Now if you are born into a family where there is lots of drifting into things that cause difficulty in life, this is the path you have chosen to experience. It is not good or bad.  It’s just what you chose to experience this lifetime.  Actually, it works out pretty well because things start showing up pretty rapidly to show you that something is amiss, and you don’t want to continue on that way.

If you stay conscious, a wonderful gift will find its way to you, a person, a book, a course, a word, something, even a bill board will capture your attention and be a bit of guidance that will show you that you are on the wrong track; and if you want to change your life, you can choose a new way of being.

Now for Patricia, one day back in 1982 she was at her sister’s home and saw a book on the coffee table. Her life at that point seemed to have fallen apart.  She reached out for the book and was mesmerized by it.  Her sister had bought the book thinking it would be a good read, but it did not resonate with her, so she left it there, thinking one of her Reiki clients might want to read it.  It sat there until it was time for Patricia to arrive a few months later and pick it up.

That’s how the whole thing was orchestrated for Patricia, to find the next thing that would bring well-being into her life.  The really amazing thing is that her sister was walking through a bookstore and the book fell out of the book stack onto her foot, and that’s why she thought she should buy it.  The name of the book is Three Magic Words by U.S. Anderson.  The three magic words the title refers to are I AM God, which was a key revelation for Patricia.  From that moment on, her life changed totally, and she has been brought to where she is now.

The same thing happens in everyone’s life.  They are brought to wonderful opportunities every day.  The thing is that one must have their consciousness open.  Patricia’s consciousness spied the book and picked it up.  She made the move, the action toward it, and it moved her deeply.  It totally changed the direction of her life.

Books like that are all around you.  People like her sister, who was a conduit for her to receive the book and give it to Patricia, are all around you.  Her sister said to herself, Now this book fell on my foot, so there must be something here, so she bought it.  She had no idea at the time it was for Patricia.

Can you see how it works?  You are all working together, and when you have the eyes to see, your life becomes filled with wonderful opportunities for well-being.

Open your eyes and look around you and see the next opportunity, the next synchronicity that has been planned for you, and act on it.  So be it.