Acts of True Love

Writing 2-14-14



After beaming out Light to all this morning (by first seeing it downloaded into me from above, as well as flooding out from within to the world), I began to think of calling a friend to ask if we could help one more person, followed by the thought, where will the resources come from.  I immediately saw how financial concerns often govern so much of our lives on this planet.  We seem to be so governed in this way that we are compromised in many decision we make.  How can I be authentically me, the real me without being compromised by the seeming needs that come up in considering decisions I make?

Beloveds, look at the face of the issue.  What is it?  It is fear of lack and limitation; fear that more money, or whatever, is needed  to make you or someone else more whole, life more wonderful, and so on.  You are already whole, and life is already wonderful.  Look at all you have that is absolutely free. 

Look at mother earth’s love and what she provides for you:  trees, flowers, birds, little critters, bees, food, water, and so on.  There is so much here for your enjoyment.  

Look at the night sky.  The beauty of the stars, moon, planets and the realization that there are beings out there all existing at the same time you are.  There are beings that are sending you light and love, helping and protecting you every step of the way.  Right there, you have a huge gift that contributes to your well-being. 

Now move on to the sun that keeps you warm and gives you the love it pours down on you every day.  Even behind the clouds, it is beaming love to you, in the form of its warmth and light, that it gives of itself freely. 

See your body, the intricate way it is lovingly created by the Creator.  It is so beneficial for you to look at your body every day in amazement and see what it does for you.  Just look at your fingers and how they move to pick things up for you.  Look at and through your eyes, and realize they are seeing the beauty of everything around you, as well as guiding you to walk with confidence.  Look at the way your legs and arms move.  See the way all your organs, muscles and bones move synchronistically. The way your blood flows and how it all moves together for the highest good of the body, unless you compromise it with decisions that do not serve you well. You can help and love the body and yourself with your deeper realization of all that goes on behind the scenes, in your body, on this planet and in the Universe. 

There is a whole plan of action that works together out there, and all around you, that it would behoove you to know better, so you can be more joyful and loving each day for the many gifts that are already yours. 

Where is there room for concern in all of this?  As you can see, it pushes concern right off the map.  It takes your attention and fills it with what you already have; leaving no room for what you think you don’t have.  You are no longer thinking you need more money to get those things because you are busy enjoying what is already yours.  The prosperity you long for is climbing in the windows to get to you because you are vibrating so high from realizing how rich you already are. 

The rule of like attracts like is actively at work all around you.  Let it in now, and see how much fun your life is, and how it flows together with grace and ease, in a way that you cannot even imagine right now.

These actions are Acts of True Love for everything, not the love that is only written about on cards, but the love that is written in your heart when you look out through your eyes and see the beauty all around you, with wonder and appreciation and LOVE .