‘Divine Within’ Writing 2-7-14


I was watching the squirrels I feed in our backyard chase each other around protective of the seeds I had just given them.  I sent them a prayer, “Come on guys, share with one another.  There is more than enough.  I will give you more.”  It reminded me of our relationship with the Divine.   Following is the writing I received this morning.

The Divine is in all. When the awareness of that comes to the heart, the heart is no longer afraid of lack and limitation of any kind. 

You are inbred with your own set of beliefs but along side those beliefs, lying dormant within awaiting your realization, is the awareness that you are a spiritual being and all things are yours for the receiving. 

So what is the key to receiving all the wonderful gifts of the kingdom that the Divine has for you.  First of all, it is about letting go of what you already know to be true from your past experience and simply allowing yourself the freedom to explore new ways of feeling about your life. 

You are here to experience it all, to see what it feels like to experience lack, limitation, and abundance, all of it.  Whatever it is simply is an experience.  So experience it all with no EXPECTATION OR ATTACHMENT to either way of experiencing something.  Just observe how it makes you feel.  You can then choose the way that makes you feel inner joy, contentment, peace.   Allow yourself to feel what that feels like and be with that for as long as it lasts. 

New experiences will come and you will experience them in a new way, which you have now learned from your new way of being.  Without expectation and attachment, everything can show up brand new for you rather than with the old paint over it which you have placed there with your past way of experiencing.  In the past everything was experienced with your old eyes.  Your new eyes will create a whole new way of being for you and thus a whole new life. 

Then what happens is you feel more connected to the Divine within you, which then helps you to feel more connected to everyone and everything around you.  When that happens, you are more careful of how you treat everyone and everything including your own body. 

You will begin to make better choices about what you choose to eat, drink, think and do.  From that comes a whole new way of life.  It happens one step, one awareness at a time simply by being willing to experience your life in a new way rather than the same old tired way that has not served your highest good or the world’s for a long time now. 

You are about transforming not only yourself but also the world and beyond.  So it is a huge new paradigm you are working with here.  Your experience of the Divine gives you a whole new way of looking at and experiencing the world.

OR you can make a connection to the Divine in a moment of awakening to the inner spark of Divinity that lives and breathes you.  Everything else becomes new because you are now living from that space of connection.  Separation falls away and you are One with all.

Of course, we would like to experience this quick way of awakening to the Divine within but sometimes it is necessary to experience your life before this happens.   

The key is not to be attached to either way.  It is that very attachment, trying to make it happen that keeps you feeling separated from the Divine, which in Truth, you already are Divine.

“As long as you believe in and give power to the illusions of this world, you will get caught up in them. This isn’t bad; it may be that the cause and effect with which you are dealing is going to hold you into the earth plane for a few more lessons, for a few more experiences. Love them. – John-Roger, D.S.S (From: The Way Out Book, p. 11-12)