The Gift of Love the New Year Has to Offer


Writing 12-28-13

Beloveds, would you please share a message as we leave 2013 and enter 2014.  What would be good for us to focus on?

It is not a matter of focusing.  It is a matter of keeping the heart open to what is already there, and what is pouring in to assist you.  That will take care of everything for you.  In the old way, what you focused on multiplied and came back to haunt or bless you.  In the long run, it was all a blessing because you were able to see what you were doing by what showed up in your life.  Sometimes you were aware of what you were doing, and could see the repercussions immediately.  At other times, it took a while for whatever you were unconsciously focusing on to show up.  But show up it did, and so many of those things are in your life now.  Now is the time to let it all go, and to know there is a higher order of things, and you are benefiting from all of it. 

So simply tune in to what is already in your own heart.  It will become more and more evident that as time goes on, it does not behoove you to cry over spilt milk.  This is a new day.  The spilt milk is gone.  Much has been released for you already. All you have to do is be aware of the good all around you, and within yourself, and it will continue to multiply. 

Cease trying to figure things out or trying to fix your self or everyone or everything around you.  That is unnecessary work for you, and it just wastes your precious time and energy, which could be used to greater benefit by being in joy, actually enjoying every day. 

As you move through your day, being conscious of just what you are doing, no matter what it is or how small, and you are truly present to it, you stay in a place of gratitude for all of it.  Your own mood and energy field rises to match that joy and gratitude.  That is the energy that is sweeping the planet from all sides from all the Lightworkers who are here awakening to their divinity.

People are searching now for more ways to help rather than on more ways to improve themselves.  Self-improvement was part of the old age.  Being of loving service today is the important thing.  Where around you is there a need for what you have to offer, no matter what it is.  You all have a special gift to offer the world with your loving attention to the simple act of loving wherever you are.  

Rather than paying attention to what you don’t have, it is now about really seeing what is all around you.  What you have that can be shared with others: your time, your talent, your abundance, in whatever form that takes.  These opportunities will present themselves to you in big and small ways. 

That is the new order of things.  It has always been there, and now it is there even more prevalently because people are awakening to the realization they are here to give love and also be the recipient of it.  Wherever you can allow more love into your own heart from those around you, say YES to all of it.   Let the word NO be a thing of the past when it comes to being the recipient of a loving gesture, kind word, look of kindness or a smile.  Whatever it is, nothing is too small to love and appreciate. 

The more that is done, the more love swells into the fullness of what it is, which is unconditional love, not for what someone does or doesn’t do, but for the divinity already in the person.  All is the divine, so be in gratitude for the divine that fills and is the foundation of all. 

There is only God manifesting in many forms.  When the realization of that truly bursts forth and flowers in your hearts, then you can see it really showing up in your life, and you have more to share.  More to share?  How can I share?   Those are the questions of the day. 

Forget not that the spiritual hierarchy is helping you.  You are not alone, and you are being rewarded for the work you have all done  here just trying to keep your heads above water while the world swirled around you, sometimes dragging you under; but you always kept coming back to the surface for another breath of air to keep on going. 

Those days are over, for you are much more conscious now and that very consciousness will help you see yourself as you move forward each day.  Your consciousness will guide and direct your actions, your thoughts and your feelings.  You will see these, and you will be aware of them and be able to make more conscious choices about how you want to be in any given moment, in any given situation with any person. 

So be at peace and know all really is in divine order, and 2014 is the beginning of the new way of being in a more conscious realization.  I am here to serve; how can I do that paying attention to the next thing that shows up with a loving heart full of gratitude?  This is the gift of giving and receiving love that the New Year has to offer.



Experience Life with an Open Loving Heart


Writing 12-6-13

On Friday I asked my Guides, “Why do I do what I don’t want to do, and not do what I want to?”  The following was the reply.

The perennial question, dear one.  You are on the human level in a human body with lots of deeply imbedded patterns that are working themselves out this lifetime.

Let it unfold as it will and just be with it as it unfolds.  Your experience of all of it with awareness of what’s happening is key.  You have for some time been “watching” this process with awareness of it.  Continue to do so remembering joy is why you are here.  Joy is the greatest service you can provide to others and to this planet for it has such a high vibration that it pulls everything else up with it.  This is the master plan and you are all participating in it valiantly.  Day by day you continue and you do the best you can.  This is all you can do.

Where improvement can happen is when you “see” what you have done or not done, be kinder to your self with the realization you are doing the best you can at a human level.  This is important because your own vibration depends on it.  You cannot be vibrating to joy when you are telling yourself how you “should” have done or not done something in a harsh way.

You do what you do until you don’t.  Can you be OK with this?  The more you feel you are doing something wrong, the more you are empowering it with your energy and you keep it going.  Let this writing be the healing it is meant to be.

Focus on the inner joy that is already within you bubbling to the surface when you are not telling yourself you “should” do better.  You can all be shining lights for one another by practicing self-acceptance and self-love by realizing Who you are.

You are the hands and feet of your God Self.  You are Divine here experiencing being human with all the patterns.  So not wanting those patterns is a waste of your precious energy.  Simply experience it all with an open mind and an open loving heart.