Speak to us of Love

Tuesday, August 31,  2010

Many of us are feeling more reactive, more judgmental.  Speak to us of love

Love is living in the heart which is pure love, not romantic love which can be colored by the ego and comes and goes. Divine love is eternal and does not come and go.

Behind the old patterns and beliefs is love, what you truly are.  At a heart level there is only the radiance of true love – Oneness with all that is.  There is only the One living out of everything experiencing Itself over and over in all Its creations.

When you have a tendency to judge, remember this about yourself,  you are love and so is everyone else.  You may not appear to be being love but it is who and what you are whether you know it or not.  You cannot change that Truth about yourself  for it is always there behind everything so give not your attention to whatever appearances are manifesting that look unlike love.

It is not your Truth so why waste time thinking about it or wishing you were not acting or being that way.  It shows up so you may be aware of it and then choose the highest road.  If you choose the lower road, fear not for it will come again for you to choose the higher road.  Ultimately you will so don’t worry about being on the right road.  That only makes you unhappy and manifests it more.

Your divine nature  is there so choose to see it.  You are offered many views to choose from so choose.  If it feels like the highest for you at the time, be glad.  If it feels like the lowest, be glad.  What matters is your awareness of how you feel which helps determine if you make that same choice again.

If you bury your feelings with addictive substances be it food, drugs, alcohol or anything else, you stuff your feelings and then do not learn from them.  Your feelings offer you the gift of seeing where you are.  Are you feeling connected or disconnected from your divine source?  Feeling connected brings feelings of joy and peace.  Feeling disconnected brings feelings of depression and emptiness and on and on.  Seeing your feelings, you can embrace and learn from them using them as a path to the Divine within you.

Your core is love which is where we began this writing.  So remember no matter what you are feeling, it is all good.  That is why you are here in the physical to feel, to grow and remember your divine nature, to be the Divine consciously in physical form.

You are right on track so have no fear you are falling behind.  There is no behind.  There is only the NOW and in this NOW moment you are the Divine, you are love and all is well no matter how you are feeling.

5 thoughts on “Speak to us of Love

  1. thanks Patricia for saying it so well. We are all here trying to remember what we have somehow forgotten.. We will all get it and I would like to have fun while on this journey.!! Thats the key. Loving life!!! love to you Karen


  2. Thankyou Patricia you hit the nail on the head for me. This is how I have been feeling ! It touched my heart to read your blog! I read your blog at the exact moment I needed it! You are devinely guided to help the masses! Thankyou for caring so and all your good work!! Many Blessings to you and to all of us!! M. (:


    • Hi Marilyn, I continue to get more calls about this energy people are feeling right now so lots of old stuff is coming up for healing. Thanks for your help at the Oneness Blessing on Tuesday at Angels by the Sea. It was good to see everyone and to have a new person. Since she is from your neck of the woods, you can ride together if it works for both of you. Love, P


  3. Dearest Patricia~~I have been walking the journey of the ego for some time now. I tuned in to read your “breadcrumbs” blog, but was also drawn to this one. I so appreciate the message, yet I still feel my ego thoughts interupting. I shall hold fast to the thought that just being drawn to read this message is my thin thread to the Divine and true nature of who I am. Since it is promised that we need only the faith of a mustard seed, I shall hold fast to the small still voice that surely echos in my humaness and shall raise me up beyond the “apparent” power of my ego voice that leaves me empty and lost. My ego tells me I “should” be able to “snap” out of this and do it all by myself. I have resisted seeking the help of the physical plane that I know is there-Leo. My prayer is for humbleness and willingnes to have faith and reach beyond my ego existance and insistence to those divine channels that are there for me. Just sharing these thoughts and feeling brings an inner calm and the feeling of a lighter load. God blesses all-that is the promise and Truth.~~From God’s love, Carol


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