Trust, surrender, and acceptance are the antidote to stress.  Stress cannot exist in an atmosphere of trust, surrender, and acceptance. So how do you do that you ask? 

Start with trust.  Trust in a Higher Power and know It always has your back. It is also true for everyone else.  To eliminate the stress you absolutely have to trust there is a universal power.  At this point, you can’t see with your human eyes what the plan is.  That’s where trust comes in. 

Then comes surrender.  Surrender to the plan even though you don’t know what it is at this point.  Let it unfold as it will, knowing something good is going to come out of all of it, and is, indeed, coming out of it right now in this present moment.  Then finally comes acceptance.  Accept it all as it is knowing there really is a higher plan. 

Faithfully following these three steps will take away the stress, worry, and concern about your life, your family, and the world situation.  Instead, you will know there is a plan in everyone’s life. 

Where do you want to put your energy?  Ask yourself that question.  If you put your energy into worry, know that every worry is contributing to the problems in your life, the life of the person you are worried about, and the life of this planet.  It does physical harm to you.  When you consciously choose to trust your Higher Power and surrender and accept Its guidance, you are putting your energy into the highest good for all. You will wipe the word worry out of your consciousness when you realize there is nothing to worry about.    


Beloveds, what would you share with us today? Many people still harbor unresolved feelings inside and don’t realize they are there. At this time, it is about releasing all that no longer serves you. It may have served you at some point but no longer does so.

Any place you are holding on to old hurts and wounds is a place where there is a blockage, and the Light is prohibited from flowing through easily. That blockage will be removed in one way or another, so make it easy on yourselves and do it gracefully by repeating the sacred Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer for all you hold in your heart with anything less than unconditional love, including yourselves.

Make a daily habit of starting and ending your day with it. It’s so easy to remember: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Throughout the day when something comes up that feels difficult, a person or situation, say it again.

Say it often and it will clear away all the old unforgiving hurt and wounded places in you. Say it for yourself. Look in the mirror and say it because you are the only one you hold hostage when you hold on to what no longer serves you.

You have it in you to do this because you are the Light that has come to planet Earth at this time to shine your Light in the midst of the darkness.

Be the love and peace you want to see.


Now is the time to open your hearts to the love that is always present when you don’t get caught up in what’s going on in the world. You don’t know what’s going on underneath all that is happening, so, choose to see everything through loving eyes with an open loving heart. 

Bring Presence/ God/ Spirit/ Source into everything in your life and the world. Loving Presence is always there, and all you have to do is tune into it. There are no words necessary when you are sitting in the stillness of Presence. In that space is the Presence of total Unconditional Love. In the face of everything, Presence always brings love to the situation. Your role here on this planet is to be an open channel for Presence.

This is the time for all to come together in the Presence of love. Be there knowing that with God all things are possible and there is no place where God is not. More and more bring your loving heart to that realization and stay with that throughout your day. 

Practice that right there in your own home with yourself and your loved ones. How can you be more loving with that person, or your neighbor, or a relative, or friend, or where you work, or towards what is going on in the world that you are upset and concerned about? Your concern lowers your vibration unless you use it as an opportunity to be love. Your concern is a call for love. Embrace love and be love in the midst of your concern and that raises your vibration  

At some point, concern about anything will drift away as you remain the Presence of love in the face of it all. It may not be something you are able to do immediately or all the time, but you get to practice in every moment because there is always something that will press your buttons. The thing is that those buttons are blocking the Light and your loving nature from shining forth. When people and conditions come into your life and press your buttons, know they are gifts to you to release negative emotions and thoughts that keep you from being the loving Light you are to the world. See it all as a gift to you and the world.

Be the love and peace you want to see.


“When the day comes to depart this world, may our souls only carry the imprint of LOVE.”  Psalm 146 

This psalm you ask about is profound, and we will address it because there are many people passing from this realm.  Their physical bodies are being left behind, yet their Spirit of love and Light remains intact.  The Divine in action moves as Spirit radiating Light and love everywhere.  

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  This does not mean the select few; it really does mean everyone.  Jesus loved everyone, the tax collector, the woman at the well, all those who participated in his death, everyone.  Upon his death he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  

This is why it is so important to do the work of forgiving yourself and others.  Not just a few that you think you can easily forgive, but everyone in any lifetime that has hurt you or you have hurt.  In this way you depart with only love in your heart. 

That is what you are being called to do in order to clear your energy field of old hurts and wounds that block the love and Light from flowing out  into the world.  You are naturally filled with love and Light.  You are created out of love and Light.  At the core of your being, you are only love, and only you can block that love from radiating out to everyone everywhere around the planet.  

We often refer to the butterfly effect.  It is always working.  Whatever energy you are vibrating to is what you are sending out into the world to expand and grow.  Choose to send thoughts and feelings that are loving.  When you leave this realm, you will depart with the imprint of love, and thus you will leave behind only your loving energy.  That is your legacy to the world and love continues to be here flapping its butterfly wings.  So, have no fear you are not doing enough.  You truly are making a difference now and when you depart by being loving.

Be the love and peace you want to see.


Beloveds, I am watching my thoughts and I have been quietly watching them rather than pursuing the train of thought, but it has been happening more rapidly.  What can you share with us?

Now is the time, dear children of God, to stop being upset at yourself for all that you think you should be doing.  There are no shoulds especially at your emotions and your thoughts about any unresolved issues and at everything that has not gone the way you thought it should in your world and in the world of your families. 

It is why you came into your family. You are here to transform the family energy and yourself into something and someone that can rise above it all.  You are also here to be the Light of love and be there for them in a loving, caring, compassionate way. 

Remember, this is all a holy experience when you do it from the consciousness that you are a being of light spreading love near and far.  The near is your family, and the far is the world.  You are all here in this realm at this time transforming the energy on the planet that has been accumulating for many eons.  Now is the time for it all to come to fruition as love on the third dimension.  You are being helped by other realms that are beaming love and Light as well, so you are not doing it alone. Tune into the energy from moment to moment as this is the time for all the old repercussions and wounds to come up for healing.

This is why you are feeling as emotional and as volatile as you may be feeling.   It all feels like a lot, but you can handle it because you know you are not doing this alone.  You have the consciousness within you and the awareness of all of it to see and make the changes that you want to make.  Sometimes you mishandle things, but then you correct them, so don’t be upset about it.  It is all about learning and growing, and you are all doing that very well. 

This is a time to come together in love so let us know what you want from us.  If you want more love, then radiate love.  Receive our love and radiate it out to the world.  If you want more joy, then remember the joy you had as children playing together.

So much to be grateful for, and you are all doing fine.  So, don’t sink into the doldrums about any of this.  Observe it, be aware of it, and know you are right on track.  You are healing and so are your families and everyone else around you and in this realm.  Some who are like you know this, but others do not.  Be the being of Light and love that you are, so you can help them to understand.  Just love everyone and most of all love yourselves.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


Happy Day, dear ones. The greatest gift we can give one another each day is the gift of our love. You have a special gift to offer the world with your loving attention to the simple act of loving one another just the way we are.

Look and see what is all around you. What do you have that can be shared with others, your time, your talent, your abundance, all in whatever form it takes?  These opportunities will present themselves to you in big and small ways.

Love and gratitude have always been here, and now they are present even more because people are awakening and realizing they are here to give and receive love. That really is our main purpose.  Wherever you can allow more love into your own heart, say YES to all of it, a loving gesture, a kind word, a smile.  Whatever it is, nothing is too small to love, appreciate, and share.

The more this is practiced, the more love swells into the fullness of what it is, which is unconditional love, not for what someone does or doesn’t do, but for the amazing Light already in that person. We are all Light Beings here to spread our love near and far.   Everything becomes a Holy Experience when we are doing it from this consciousness. 

So, we can be grateful for all of it. It is all here to help us evolve and wake up to the truth that there is only Presence manifesting in many forms. When the realization of that truly bursts forth and flowers in the heart, we can see it really showing up all around us.  We are being the love we want to see in the world. Have a beautiful day.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


We are here to spread goodwill. Bob and I were riding around in his 1931 Model A and I was waving to everyone and, of course, people waved back and smiled. It really felt exhilarating and uplifting to see so many people waving back to us. It uplifted us as well as those waving to us.

It reminded me that we are here to spread goodwill; to share our open-hearted loving way of being with everyone we meet.  Lightworkers came to do just that and along the way, over lifetimes their Light became more and more hidden by fear of many things they encountered here on the Third Dimension of earth.  However, this has ended.

There are now enough awakened beings remembering Who they are and why they are here which has caused the shift in awareness and awakening.  Enough of us have heard words of truth and believed them and have awakened to remembering Who we are. The fear that has kept us trapped in the material way of living with the focus on trying to stay alive with mortgages, jobs, and responsibilities has lifted. Fear caused much dis-ease in the body, which then added health concerns to the list of things that kept us trapped and forgetting the Light within us that is the true healer. That has all changed.

We have all been given the opportunity to move along with the shift, to catch the momentum of the amazing energy that is all around us. What matters is we choose to focus our energy there and not go meandering along daily allowing the fast pace of life to carry us along until we lay in bed at night wondering what happened to our day.  With the attitude we bring to it, we have the choice to choose how we spend our day.

Are we doing whatever we are doing consciously be it mowing the lawn, washing dishes, or making corporate decisions?  Are we doing it from the consciousness we are Beings of Light spreading love near and far?  As we do whatever we are doing with this awareness, it becomes a Holy Experience and we transform not only our own energy field but also that of the planet.

We are moving in this direction.  The speed with which we move depends on how much time we spend inundated in fear of our material circumstances and what we need to do about them.  It keeps us in a lower vibrational frequency and that will not attract the insights, intuitions, and synchronicities that are there all around us to move us forward with grace and ease in divine timing and divine order. Pay attention to the insights intuitions, and synchronicities and act on them. We will “know” what is actually ours to do.

Go in peace, Children of the Light.  We are all loved with an everlasting love. We are all One.

helping angels are everywhere

There is so much that is for your highest good.  We will zero in on one that will encompass all of them so here goes. 

Pay attention to all the signs that are showing up. There are signs of good everywhere.  You will see people reaching out to one another to help those in need.  Remember, something good comes out of everything.  Look at your friend who gave homemade soup from her freezer to her neighbor who had just returned from a hospital stay.  Your friend was the angel that showed up to help. 

Helping angels are everywhere. Look for all the angels in your own lives.  You can find them anywhere when you look.  Choose to see that rather than looking at all that seems not to be working.  Although it appears there is much you could blame and judge in the world, we ask you to stay out of blame and judgment at all costs.  There is also much love and caring and acts of kindness.  Keep your attention focused there and that is what will continue to grow.  They show you there is good everywhere and in the hearts of everyone.  So, focus your attention there.  

Be with like-minded people as much as possible.  That keeps your own energy field high.  Just as you have angels that show up in your life to show you that you are cared about, you are a caring angel in the lives of others. 

People lead busy lives.  At times it seems busier than usual, but that is not so.  People have always been busy.  There is always something to keep them busy even if it’s watching TV or zooms or whatever way they fill their days.  It all comes down to people having a way to pass their days.

Take time in the stillness.  In the middle of the busyness, it is very important you take time in the stillness.  It makes it easier for you to feel the Divine within and see the Divine in everyone else.  Although you can focus on appearances and judge and blame others, your Divine connection will keep you focused on their Divine nature and the good that is everywhere when you look for it. 

Another reason to not judge is that you don’t know if what they are doing is part of the overall plan to wake up humanity.  At this time, it is important everyone wake up and work together.  Sometimes it takes dark things to wake people up, to mobilize them into some kind of action.  Therefore, look at everything with the eyes of love and allow Spirit to unfold in that way.  You don’t know until you experience it what is about to unfold. So, keep your Spiritual loving eyes on everything.  Stay focused on the Divine knowing good is in all people, even if you can’t see it, and helping angels are everywhere.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


Beloveds, I was thinking about everything  I do to maintain my body, and it felt tiresome.  Then a flash of insight came.  This body is the vehicle through which I can do what I came to do.  It contributes to why I chose to come to planet earth at this time.  Everything that comes my way is an opportunity to love.  Beloveds, tell us more. 

When you learned on the news recently about an attack by one country on another country, a wave of sadness came over you.  That sadness was met by compassion for the people being invaded as well as the people involved in the invasion, and all those watching and feeling what they felt at hearing the news.  This is the world you live in today, and it is a repeat of what has gone before.  One difference is there are now many Light Workers here on the planet doing the work of compassionately being present with the world and radiating love everywhere.   

Remember, everything is a Holy Experience when you are doing it from the consciousness that you are a Being of Light radiating love near and far.  That is why you are here.  You have the awareness of what you are doing, and you can consciously make choices that support the love you are.  You came here with that love so you could be here to do this amazing work of being the love you are created from.

So, it behooves you to take care of your body because it is how you get to be here meeting and greeting people, and truly listening to what is going on in their lives and offering your compassionate loving presence.  These do not have to be profound experiences.  Taking your daily walk, speaking to people, reaching down to pet their dog, listening to what they share.  Simply being there with them is a profound act of love.  You can do the same thing with people in the grocery store.  When you are at the checkout counter, use the cashier’s name and share your gratitude for his/her service.  

You are a walking energy field touching the energy fields of everyone you meet.  Your smile is an act of love and changes the love energy of the planet right from where you are.  It is like the butterfly effect.  The butterfly flaps its wings and starts the air current moving and increasing, and eventually, it moves across the planet creating the rain that waters the plants.   With every small act of love, you are sending across the planet more of the love you came here to be.

So go forth, beautiful butterflies, and flap your wings of love wherever you find yourself and change the world.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


You are natural-born healers. This is not in the way that you think of traditional healing but rather healers of the heart.  You have a natural inborn affinity for helping people in any way you can, be it health of mind, body, spirit, or all of it.  You each do that in your own way.  You do it with your kind words and with compassion that you send out to the world.  You do it with a deep awareness of what is going on in the world.  Whenever you see confusion in any situation and you bring your own natural awareness to it, the healing begins in the heart of the other person simply by your listening and understanding in a compassionate way. 

Kindness can be underrated in this world, but it is sorely needed.  You are being kind when you smile with warm loving eyes at people.  You are being kind when you engage them in a small hello or conversation. You are being kind when you comment about what they are wearing or what lovely eyes they have.   Focus on whatever you see that you can comment on in a caring way.  Anything to warm the hearts of others can make their day or help them out of their ruminations about what is wrong in their lives or the world by simply focusing them on something in them that you see as lovely. 

People are starved for the warmth of the soul.  They are hungry for what you have to offer so keep doing it.  Children, pets, and adults all thrive on being given kindness and compliments rather than corrections.  The fewer corrections we give one another in this world, the better the world will be.  So, as you move through your day in every moment whether it is a text, a phone call, an email, or wherever you find yourself, do or say something caring for someone.  It will benefit you as well as others.  As kindness goes out, so it returns.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.